Hello, dear gamers and welcome to our blog, a blog that is completely dedicated to the Impossible Quiz game series. We have hug plans with this site, we want to add pages where we can share memes, new articles, some guide, some gaming tips, etc. Apart from huge plans we already have on our blog all versions of the game and we have detailed guides about how to play these games, how to answer questions, etc.

We also wanted to ask you if you interested in creating pages where we would list answers to all questions? I know it sounds like cheating, but some people enjoy easy way of finishing this awesome game and some people enjoy hard way (by the way I love to play it in a hard way as well, looking for questions elsewhere is kind of boring).

Well with all that being said start your match right now, enjoy the game and share your experience with us in the comments sections.

Cheers and have fun fellow gamers 🙂