We are the best people in the world and this is the best blog out there and we love to play quiz games and we love to troll from time to time. Funny intro right? Well, the blog is about funny quiz games after all so we love to say funny things and do crazy things as well.

If you have played it game already you know that it is not really about a quiz that much as it is all about having fun, about demonstrating creative thinking and enjoying hilarious questions as well. There are so many quiz games out there, but not single one features out of the box way of thinking, most of the other quiz games feature logical thinking, basic rules, and dull patterns… Impossible Quiz is not like that, it is a completely different game, it has a completely different approach and it is unique.

So what makes it so special? Well first of all words in this game have different meanings, for example, take a look at the word Mars, usually, people associate it with the planet, but in Impossible Quiz word Mars can represent chocolate bar and not a planet, this is why it is so interesting. You have to develop a completely new way of thinking, you have to think outside the box and fin new methods and new ways.

About us:
We are basic games, we surf around the web from time to time, we lave unique things, we love to find outstanding content and we love to share it with people. Today we have found this quiz game, we think that it deserves a separate blog and here we are, blog about unique quiz game, pretty boring story, right?

From time to time we will add other versions of the game as well, there are more than five releases and we will add all of them here.

Apart from it, we continue our web surfing, if we will find other interesting things we will let you know. Stay in touch and follow our social media pages for important updates.