Is this game free to play?  Yeah, all releases are free to play.
 Are there other releases?  More than five actually, there are so many versions of the game.
 How do you play it?  Throw in trash traditional way of thinking, think outside the box.
 Does this game have a story?  Yup, it has something to do with aliens and weird stuff.
 Do you consider this game as the best quiz game?  Best quiz game in the universe actually, nothing compares it.
 Any chance to find answers?  You can find answers, but where is fun in that?
 Do you guys add other quiz games as well?  Not really, we have only this game and we are happy with it.
 Are book chapters as good as the original one?  They are pretty decent, there are three book parts, my favorite one is second.
 Do you have guides?  We have different helpful content: guides, videos, posts, screenshots, etc.
 Special achievement for zero mistakes.  Spoilers, but yes, you can special reward for finishing the game without a single mistake.

I know that this list is not perfect and that you might have more questions, please use out contact form in this case, we are busy people, but we will do our best to answer you in time.