Fan of quiz games aren’t you? I’m just like you, instead of fast-paced games I prefer mind games. I love to solve different puzzles, I want to find hidden meanings, I love to think and follow logical paths. This is exactly why today I want to present to you my number one favorite game – Impossible Quiz.

Unlike other dull quiz games out there in this game, you will have to think outside the box. You will have to find new ways, you will have to look at the problem from different angles, find new solutions, etc. All this makes Impossible Quiz an outstanding game, funny and creative questions are also another great feature of the game.

How to play it
Well, it is a quiz game, all you have to do is to answer questions. Keep in mind that the game can allow you to make three mistakes, after that you will run out of your lives and you will lose the game.

Mouse, all you need in this game is your mouse and nothing else.
Watch carefully where you put your mouse cursor, this alone can be considered as a mistake in this game.

Main features
– This game is awesome when it comes to killing boredom at work.
– Some questions are so funny that you won’t be able to stop laughing.
– Creative puzzles will allow you to improve your thinking abilities.
– Record your gameplay and upload it on YouTube, the game is so popular that you will get thousands of views in no time.
– Skip feature, for those that don’t know the answer or are not really sure about it.

Blog features
– The game has different sequels and releases and we have all of them for free.
– Our blog has answers, yup we do, we have answers to all versions of the game.
– Friendly people and awesome community, visit the comments section below and leave your thoughts there.
– In case you have some game-related questions we will be more than happy to answer them, use the contact form.

Impossible Quiz – Unlock your mind

It’s an exciting quiz game to test your knowledge. It is specially made for creative minds. Some answers don’t even make sense but that is something that makes it different from other quiz games. The graphics are user-friendly. It works like an anti-brain wash, anti-depression.

Certain instructions are as follows:

1. Try to answer all the questions correctly to win. As simple as that!
2. The ‘skip’ option lets you skip a question when you find it too difficult. This option appears when you have answered certain questions correctly.
3. There would be 3 lives to prevent you from losing, one wrong question means one life down, with all lives down means ‘GAME OVER’.
4. Bomb questions come with a timer, the time limits can be from 10 seconds to even 1 second, so be alert!

Certain controls:

1. You have 5 skips for going to next level.
2. Use‘s’ key to skip instantly.

The questions will appear to be strange but that is the exciting part of quiz game. Think out of the box to get your answers. As you play the game there is also music played alongside which makes it more fun, it has different tracks for different levels. Some questions require insane logic, some are just on guessing. while playing you would think to the deepest, try all your logic but the answer may turn out to be wrong and at times just a guess is enough for the next level.

There are also 2 hidden power-ups throughout the quiz so keep the eyes of an owl and grab anything useful to win. There is a new feature added to the impossible quiz hacked 2, which is ‘fuse stoppers’ which are used to fuse the bombs and give you a bit more time to think. You require mad mouse skills; try to see things not the usual way you use to see. Discover your hidden capabilities. It is totally fine if you don’t get certain answers at least you got to know something unusual but exciting. All you need to do is THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Play often and become a genius different from others, go for it, and don’t forget to have FUN.

Some epic YouTube walkthroughs
Funny to see how popular YouTubers play this game right? Check the following video, you might learn interesting facts regarding this game.

Android and IOS
Download and install game on your device below.

This is a pretty awesome game, I love how questions are tricky and unique, unlike other quiz games single word can have different meanings. You might have to use the ‘think outside the box’ approach to succeed in the game.

It is important to note that the game is very popular, millions of people play it on a daily basis, so far there are two main versions and additional three book chapters as well. All versions and releases are available for playing on our blog, check widgets and you will find them.

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